How To Selectively Delete Website Data in Chrome

Have you ever encountered a glitch with a website that requires you to clear your browser data… but you don’t want to go through the major hassle that is logging in and fully re-authenticating to the dozens of other websites you use every day?

Well, me too! Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve in Chrome, if you know where to look.

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It’s A Start

For me, each day begins and ends with wanting to learn a little more about the secrets of spider silk.

-Cheryl Hayashi

There is nothing better than fully indulging in a nerdy pursuit. Geeking out. Going off of the well-traveled roads and down into some of the deep and varied details of an unusual topic. Finding out what the masters of these uncommon areas know and retracing the steps of their discoveries. To me, it’s all the more fun if the topic is one that most people would yawn or roll their eyes at.

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