How To Selectively Delete Website Data in Chrome

Have you ever encountered a glitch with a website that requires you to clear your browser data… but you don’t want to go through the major hassle that is logging in and fully re-authenticating to the dozens of other websites you use every day?

Well, me too! Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve in Chrome, if you know where to look.

Let’s Do It

In Chrome, open up cookie settings from the URL bar (chrome://settings/content/cookies) or navigate through the interface ( ⋮ > Settings > Advanced (near the bottom) > Content Settings > Cookies ).

Then select See all cookies and site data.

Image of Google Chrome's Cookie setting screen with the item "See all cookies and site data" highlighted
Chrome’s cookie settings screen

From the screen that follows, you can easily search for specific website cookies and session data and remove all of the results from your search:

Image of Google Chrome cookie settings screen showing cookies and website data for with options to remove all of the entries shown.
Example: Searching and deleting web data from Adobe properties.

Just search until you’ve isolated the orny site’s data, click Remove All Shown and et viola, you’ve given the troublesome session data the boot without having to enter 45,000 one-time passwords all over the known internet.

Why Not Just Use Clear Browsing Data?

In Chrome, using the Clear Browsing Data function (Ctrl+Shift+Del or
⌘+Shift+Del) is fast and easy to do. But it blasts everything that’s been set or accessed within the specified time frame. That mean logging in again to all of your most-used websites, especially inconvenient if you have dozens of accounts protected by 2FA (and your key accounts should be).

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