In an Information Security context, modification (or alteration) refers one of the four broad categories used to discuss attacks and threats. The actual or intended effect of an modification attack is to tamper with data, systems or other digital assets.

The specific results and underlying goals of modification vary widely.


  • DNS Cache Poisoning
  • STP Manipulation
  • Website defacement
  • Malware piggy-backing

Related Concepts

Attack Classifications

Information Security parlance often uses four major categories as a broad-stroke classification for attack patterns and threats. Modification is one of these categories. The others are:

  1. Interception
  2. Interruption
  3. Fabrication

Interrelationship with Security Models

Modification attacks generally target and undermine the Authenticity pillar of the CIA Triad security model and the Integrity and Authenticity pillars of the Parkerian Hexad security model.

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