In an Information Security context, interruption is one of the four broad-based categories used to classify attacks threats. An interruption attack attempts to make systems (or the information in them) unavailable for use.

Just like in conversations, interruptions in an information security setting are disruptions that block the flow of information.

A diagram showing data flow in normal condition versus during an interruption attack. During normal conditions, the data is shown flowing from authorized users to the system. In the interruption scenario, authorized users are shown encountering interference caused by a malicious actor.
Diagram: Interruption Attack


  • (D)DOS attacks (generally)
  • Broadcast storms
  • DHCP attacks
  • MAC Address Table Overflow

Related Concepts

Attack Classifications

In formal Information Security discussions, interruption is one of the four major attack categories used to categorizing attacks. The other three attack categories are:

  1. Interception
  2. Modification
  3. Fabrication
Mapping withIn The Security Models
Diagram mapping interruption attacks in the CIA Triad security model. Diagram shows the Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity spheres and interruption targeting the Availability Sphere
Diagram: Interruption within the CIA Triad

Interruption attacks target and undermine the Availability pillar of both the CIA Triad and Parkerian Hexad security models.

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