Picture of Rhett Waldock in a blue sweatshirt and stocking cap looking to the right of the frame.
Rhett Waldock

Hi, I’m Rhett.

My name is Rhett Waldock and I’m the publisher of this blog, The Hexad. I’m also a software developer, DevOps engineer, security researcher, consultant and (occasional) entrepreneur from Minnesota.

The Hexad is a creative project of mine loosely centered on sharing knowledge, tips and general information on topics related to information security.

A lot of the content here started as an effort to make note-taking more interesting while working on my Cybersecurity degree work and professional certifications. Like many blogs, it has also sometimes turned into a random cache for my musings, ideas, creative bits and commentary. These tend to be on topics in (or at least around) the information security and software development spheres, but I make no promises there.

A big part of what inspired me to publish a blog on these topics was my own research and learning experiences. Many, many voices and shared bits of wisdom have contributed to my own interest and education over the years. I hope some portion of The Hexad will be interesting or useful to others on their own journeys in development and security.

I hope to iterate and improve both the volume and quality of information available on The Hexad, especially on information security topics. Let’s face it, cybersecurity is not the most approachable subject for many people. And, right now, the information security view of the world is kind of a hellscape. We can use all the good resources and easy-to-read articles in this space that we can get. This is my small contribution in that direction.

I swing between procrastination and being really thorough so either way things aren’t getting done quickly.
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